About Us

A team thought to ensure that every human gets their fundamental rights of food, shelter, medicine and education from this society. The variance in economic level making the deprived people to dream about all their fundamental needs. The team joined together to bring the brightness (Velicham) to differently-abled, poor people’s life through various source of abundance that exists.

Even though the individuals in the team being recognized with high society reputation in their respective professions, they are pride to serve the society to balance every one’s fundamental needs irrespective of their identity of poverty. Together as a team set the motto as “Bridging the have’s & have not

Velicham Foundation is built with a strong pool of philanthropies, social workers, entrepreneurs and public who know the reality as active volunteers. The trustees of the foundation include:

Senthil Kumar Nandagopal (Managing Trustee)

Game Changer and Director, Revature Consultancy Services Private Limited, Chennai

Senthil, a self-grown top-level executive and business man, has groomed so many underprivileged young minds to create unique space in their respective area of interest. His caring nature teaches us to care every human in this society as our siblings. Irrespective of his own special identity with higher officials and politicians, the simplicity of his life and approach with common man hides the other part of his esteemed reputations, and personally he prefers to be a common man to live with a common man as one among them. When he helps anyone, his only expectation is to make them to help others.

Rajan Kanniappan (Trustee)

Social Reformer and Chairman, MS Infotech Private Limited, Chennai, India

Rajan, a kind-hearted and soft nature person, who is passionate towards social reforming. All his attempt in his business is to add value to very common people than making money when it can be commercialized and covered with corporate brands. His giving nature and the polite approach with the people, writes a new rule within us to accept people as they are.

Albert Vinod Samuel (Trustee)

Philanthropist and Social Evangelist

Vinod plays a leading role in developing a long term Strategy at Velicham to create a Social Humanity Platform with technology as an Enabler. Renowned for his technological expertise and forward-thinking approach he Mentor’s a second line of Young Generation Velicham Volunteers to reach the Millennials and Beyond.

The Following are Vinod’s 1 line Guiding Principles of Life.

  • There are two ways to Spread Light (Velicham); To be the Candle or the Mirror that Reflects it.
  • What matters is not how you treat the best people of the Societ. But how you treat the least of them.
  • Our Value is determined not by what we have, but by what we do with what we have.
  • Lets Aspire to Inspire others before we expire.
Annamalai (Trustee)

Technocrat and Founder of Shri Auro Technologies, Chennai, India

Annamalai, a brisk man who never settles and explores every possible avenue to do something new. Ideating and experimenting every small idea towards a value driven solution is his core passion. His two decades of technological exposure encourages Velicham to provide the humanity service through techno-social platform which will have transparency and anytime anywhere access as Mobile app.

Ophilia Ajaykumar (Trustee)

Entrepreneur and Human Resource Advocate, Revature Consultancy, Chennai, India

Ophilia is a classical dancer, a professor and a social reformer of child and woman safety and welfare. Her affirmation of ensuring child safety and fundamental rights enlightens so many deserved poor students to excel their academics and to get their place with an empowerment. As a social reformer she helps lot of social organisations out of which there are many old age homes and orphanages are getting benefited. On top of every social activities, her ground level work ensures that nothing can go wrong.

Esakki Perumal (Trustee)

A learner and follower of the above big shots, keen to serve the community using technologies to the maximum possible, in a secure way. One of the direct beneficiaries from the above people and their association, always prefers to be a farmer and exploring ways for the sustained and self-sufficient revenue from farming to farmers.